Chassahowitzka River Campground, Homosassa, FL


Renovations may have been done since we were there, so you have to read with an open mind…

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

We went camping with two other families this weekend at Chassahowitzka River Campground. Our site was #18.  (#17 and #18 would be great for two families camping together.)  Upon first arriving, I was debating on whether to send this e-mail or not. In truth, we had a great time. Will I go back again – yes if we have a group of people. That’s what made it nice.

It’s a county park in Citrus County (Homasassa). It’s got fishing and canoe/boat rentals, and a store. You can see the site below for other details. I wouldn’t really say they have shuffleboard, even though there is one, you can tell it’s not been maintained.

The pull to this place is the underground caves (tubes) that you can swim through and the cool spring water. Most people get to the cave area by canoe/small boat. We took a canoe and up to seven tubes. Two/three in the canoe, the rest tubed there (arm power there, current on the way back). Now I’m not sure if tubing is really allowed – one member of our group who was solo at the time was told to get into a canoe immediately..

We canoed, rode bikes around the neighborhood and there is a very reasonably priced bar & grill (Jake’s) right around the bend from the campground. Very small town feel, but the food wasn’t too bad and prices were cheap. Even brought the kids for dinner. Adults may enjoy the nighttime entertainment.

The women’s bathroom at the campground was under renovation. Thank God the two women in the group had bathrooms of their own! The men said that there’s wasn’t too bad. One shower stall had a faulty shower head and the stalls had no doors. BUT WE HAD A GREAT TIME! A group, a campfire, frisbee, wiffle ball, canoes and tubes really made this a nice weekend.

p.s. The canoe rentals are $20/4 hrs(?). Someone mentioned to us that they rented theirs from a place behind Jake’s Bar & Grill for $12/day 9a-5p (?). Something like that.

And many sites have sewer hook-ups.







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