Rally Park, Seffner, FL

OK!  Please look PAST these pictures.  It’s to give you an idea of how the campsites are layed out and to see what the club house looks like.

I originally thought of Rally Park as being an RV parking lot.  Well, it sort of is, but each time we’ve went, we had a great time.  They’ve got a swimming pool, hot tub, club house, tennis courts, small playground, plenty of places to bike ride on the grounds, free newspaper delivery every morning, free cable TV, free breakfast and lunch (not gourmet, but it’s something), and all have sewer hook-ups.  Their bathrooms are very clean.  Dogs are welcome – even at their RV showroom next door – Lazy Days.  Dogs are welcome everywhere except for the club house and the cafe at Lazy Days.  They’re even welcome in the ajoining Camping World which is on-site.

If you ever get a chance to attend one of their rallies – you’ll have a blast!  I was able to go to a Friend’s and Family Rally one year over Spring break.  My mom, sister, her family and my son went.  Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!  Besides the free breakfast and lunch, they served huge buffet dinners and had music and dancing.  Many different “classes” were also held during the days.  They’ve got many themed rallies to choose from throughout the year to choose from.

Check out their link which is attached to the Title of this blog!

Seriously!  Look past the pictures.  Everyone was tired from visiting the Cracker Village at the FL State Fair Grounds, swimming, etc!

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