A Jury Duty Story – Done Our Way

Where do I begin?….
It all began when Brad received his jury duty summons.  He was scheduled to go right after we returned from vacation.  He said that he’d have to postpone it because his employer wouldn’t be too happy with him missing so much time.
We went on vacation and returned home and what did I have in the mail, but my own summons!  To be thrifty in these difficult times, we decided that I should postpone mine to the same date that he chose.  Brad said it’d be nice to hang out together – how romantic – not my idea of fun.
Fast forward to last week…
(I honestly didn’t think we’d get as far as we did together!)
We leave home bright and early (actually dark and early).  Get to the  courthouse in plenty of time. We go to the 2nd floor to the Juror Room and proceeded to hand a woman our summons.  I was holding both.  He was holding my bag because it was heavy (aw).  When she asked Brad for his, I was trying to hand it to her, but she kept looking at him (Let’s face it, they’re not really used to people going to duty together.).  Anyway, she finally realizes I have his and we move on.  We go to a room and sit down to fill out a questionaire.  I’m glad he was there, because he was able to explain some things I didn’t understand on it (that’s the Edith Bunker in me).
They start calling juror #’s.  These people were going to go as a group to eventually meet with a judge. My heart starts to pound.  What do we do if we get seperated??  We left our cell phones in the car!  Brad wanted to bring them in, but I kept insisting that the summons said “no cell phones allowed” – I take things literally.  Phew!  They called both of our #’s!  Now, we all have to go up into two elevators together as a group.  NO WAY!  I’m severely clausterphobic.  I had them clear a Sears Tower elevator once for me.  Anyway, we were to go from the 2nd floor to the 8TH FLOOR.  Brad looked at me and said, “Let’s take the stairs.”   What a guy!  Thank God he understands.  We were huffing and puffing.  Had to stop at one point (6th floor?).  When we got to the top, we had to guess which room to go to.  No one was in sight.  😦
Luckily the rest of the time there we were able to take the elevators with less people.
We sit down for a while.  Watch an informational video about serving as a juror.  Read a while.
We then get called to go in to meet with the judge (Very nice man!).  This is when they choose the jurors.  He says he’s going to call 20 jurors up to be questioned.  Again, my hear pounds.  What if he only chooses one of us??  Phew!  We both got called and even in the same order so we sat next to each other – outside of the juror box on the main floor.  Brad was holding my hand and resting it on my leg.  The judge explains things.  Asks the potential jurors questions, then says, “Folks, I’m done asking my usual questions.  I’ve just got one more to ask if you don’t mind.  By any chance, do the two of you know each other (he’s looking at us)?”  We laugh and nod and say we’re married.  He goes on to say that he’s never ran into that before.  Never has he had a husband and wife picked together.  He has no idea how that happened.  We really didn’t have a chance to explain.
Then the attorney’s question all the jurors.  The prosecutor asked Brad if there are ever times where I don’t believe something he says, and if so, what does he do about it.  Brad hesitated and said, “She’s always right.”  and most people in the courtroom laughed.  Then the defense attorney asked us if we ever disagreed.  We both laugh, look at each other and say, “Oh yeah!  All the time!”  …The selection was made and I was chosen.  Brad wasn’t.  Heart pounded!!  The judge is telling the chosen ones that we’re dismissed for the day and the baliff was going to take us out a back door.  The rest of the people had to stay to be screened for another case in the afternoon – they were getting a break for lunch.  I held up my hand.  “What do we do?  We came together.  Can we have lunch together?”  The judge laughed and said that was fine.  We could meet downstairs.
We had lunch and then I walked around town and took some pictures – something I hadn’t done in a long time – taken pictures of STUFF just for fun.  Here are some of the shots I took:
There was a really neat alley that had a lot of artwork on the walls.  Here are some of the pictures:
Here are more pictures taken around town:
Boy was it hot out!  After an hour, Brad called me (I got our phones at lunch) and said they were on a break and the balif said I could have stayed with him.  I headed back and when I got there, they called everyone back in.  They chose another set of jurors.  This time Brad was picked.  So much for saving fuel!  He was chosen for service on Tuesday and I was chosen for service on Wednesday and Thursday!
When Brad got home from serving his day, he said that the baliff mentioned that we had no idea how close it was that we could have been chosen to serve on the same jury.  That would have been another one for the books!  Just another weird thing that makes our family unique!  All in all, it was memorable – for us and the people we met that first day.  Everyone we met, from the courthouse staff to the other potential jurors, were really a great group of people.

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