Hillsborogh River State Park, Thononosassa, FL

We’ve had the good fortune of spending several different camping trips at Hillsborough River.  The sites range from private to open, shaded to sunny.  The bathrooms are pretty clean, but could use a little face lift.
There are so many things to do!  Bike riding, a fort to tour, hiking, several playgrounds, fishing, store w/restaurant, canoe & bike rentals – great canoeing! Beautiful river!  Saturday night interpretive talks where, on different visits, we were taught how to cook in a dutch oven, learned about controlled burns, and learned about snakes.  There’s a free trolley ride around the park.  They’ve got a huge swimming pool that they just re-finished (2009/2010).  The only problem with swimming there is that the pool is for everyone.  Campers and the community.  On really hot days, they end up having to stop entry to the pool because it’s at max capacity.  People do leave though, so if you have patience, you can wait in line until your turn comes up.
This is site # 84
It’s on an end with plenty of grassy area to play!  We’ve stayed at this one twice.

We’ve also went there on many daytrips.  You can go here to see a bit more on this beautiful park.

Last bit of information.  Heed to speed limit.  They do have rangers/police who will pull you over and give you a ticket!


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