Honeymoon Island State Park, Dunedin, FL

Sorry for the blurry images.  This happened when I imported this post from an old blog site.  The information is still good though.

Since it was Memorial Day weekend, we decided we should do something.  My husband and I ended up taking our three dogs to Honeymoon Island State Park.  We’d never been there before, but heard it had a great dog beach – always on the top of Dr. Beach’s list of best beaches.

We pulled up to the main gate to pay our entrance fee.  Since we had never been there before I ask for a map.  The ranger hands us our change, a map and 3 large dog bones.  How dog friendly is that?!  As she’s explaining how to get to the dog beach, she mentions how very important it is to keep our dogs on their leashes at all times.  Now, this is a FL State Park “law” – it’s that way at every park.  This park is a little different.  The ranger warns us that the park is known for it’s RATTLESNAKES!  Woa!  I know FL has rattlesnakes, but I’d never been to a state park that actually warns about them.  She says that they’re not aggressive, but you never know if a dog gets away from you.  As we were driving down the park road, we saw a sign that warns visitors of rattlesnakes.  They’re serious!

We found a place to park – parking wasn’t too bad when we got there around 11:30am on a Sunday.  There were many spots left.  We got our stuff organized and headed for the trail to the beach.  They’ve got many trails that lead from the parking area to the beach.  Along the trails they’ve got garbage cans and “poop” bags for your convenience.  The trails (at least the one we took) was 1/2 grass-1/2 dirt. This was great since I had been a little worried about the dogs possibly burning their paws on a long sandy trail (it was close to noon).  Don’t get me wrong, there was a bit of a sandy trail, but most of it was grass/dirt.

The beach is a dogs paradise.  It’s not too shabby for the owners either.  The sand was like powder.  The area of the water we went into had a nice sandy bottom.  There were all different breeds of dogs there enjoying themselves.  There were even a few boats anchored near the beach and some people kayaking.

They’ve got a pet wash area which is located near the bathrooms, main beach, and cafe.  There are also showers for the public.

Unfortunatley, I was unable to get pictures of the dog beach since we were loaded down, but I did get some shots of the public beach/cafe area.  We definitly plan on visiting again.  When we do, I’ll add pictures of the dog beach.
There was a lot more to see that we hadn’t gotten a chance to.  They’ve got biking, concession, fishing, hiking, picnic shelters, picnicking, a playground and a nature center.  They’ve also got a ferry boat that you can purchase tickets for a ride over to Caladesi Island.  The only way to reach this island is by ferry, boat, or canoe/kayak that you can rent from Honeymoon Island State Park. Here’s their link:  http://www.floridastateparks.org/CaladesiIsland/
One last thing to mention.  On the causeway to Honeymoon Island, just before the draw bridge, there’s lots of parking on both sides.  You can fish, put your canoe/kayak in, and wind surf.  See the picture below:

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