Asheville, NC and the Blue Ridge Parkway Summer Vacation – Day 2

I apologize for some of these images being blurry.  This happened during import from an old blog site I used to use.  Some of the images and all of the content are still good.
We’ve got a friend who just moved to Asheville, so we wanted to visit him.  He was a great tour guide!  Asheville is an amazingly beautiful area with lots of history and a very quaint downtown area.
As soon as we got there, we were hungry.  Go figure!  We had lunch at a fantastic Mexican restaurant called Mamacitas:
For a full menu, address and additional info, visit their link:  We had “Jorge, Asheville’s best burrito roller” take care of us –

They had fantastic food!  The place was hopping.  There was never a lull in customers.  I only wish they were here where I live!!

We then went on a drive on the famous Blue Ridge Parkway.  We first stopped at a local picnic area which was set in the hills.  Nice shady areas to eat.  It has picnic tables, grills, bathrooms, and trails.  It’s called Craggy Gardens Picnic Ground:
To get an exact location to this area, you can visit or call the Craggy Gardens Visitor Center/Wayside Museum (Milepost 364.4), Elevation 5,500 – a quick storm was rolling in:
Craggy Pinnacle Tunnel:

A river in the valley:


Also nearby is Mt. Mitchell State Park which I hear is beautiful, but we never made it there.  You can get more information on them at .

The last place we saw was the historic Grove Park Inn.  It’s beautiful!  Many famous people have stayed here, including presidents.  They’ve got walls lined with pictures.  There’s a spa, restaurants, shops, golfing – it’s absolutely breathtaking.  Unfortunately when we were there they were renevating the exterior, so I was unable to get a good shot.  Here are a few pictures that I did take:

They’ve got an actual working original elevator from 1913.  (Sorry for the poor shot.  Very low lighting and I only had my camera with me.)  It’s not much bigger than you see!  I’m claustrophobic, but I took a ride on it just to say I did.  Once inside it’s got three actual doors that open, depending on which floor it stops on.  Really cool:

This is my absolute favorite picture from here:


Yes, I take my camera everywhere – even in the bathroom!  Check out their site to get more information on the history, etc. .

A few last shots to round out our day.  Here are some of Asheville’s finest (firemen):


And then on the way back to Pigeon Forge.



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