Strawberry Classic Car Show, Plant City, FL3rd Saturday of Every Month

A great place to go on a 3rd Saturday of any month, is the Strawberry Classic Car Show in Plant City, FL.  It runs from 4pm-9pm.  This post was copied from my old blog.  Circa 2010.


They’ve got live entertainment, food vendors and other misc vendors (i.e. car photography), and a large car show that spans for blocks and blocks in downtown Plant City.  Many local business stay open late for this special day in the month.  The Welcome Center stays open for visitors and you’ll find public restrooms in there.


It is very family friendly and dog friendly.  You will find many dogs walking around with their owners.  I was juggling a camera this particular night while holding on to a couple of my dogs 🙂  Here’s a small taste of what you’ll see there:


This old sweetheart was there with mommy and daddy.  The daddy is a vender who sells fantastic photographs of cars:

Here are a few links that talk about this event:


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Classic Car Show, Plant City, FL3rd Saturday of Every Month

  1. I'm sorry Classic Car Sales! I don't own any of the cars and don't know who the owners are. I just displayed some of my pictures to show people what the event is like.

  2. I thought that's really cool. How's the interior anyway? It would have been great if you could display some snapshots of the interior. I'd be waiting for your response. Thanks and more power to your site!

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