Pets on the Patio

UPDATE (3/6/11):  This post is in memory of Alexander.  He passed away recently because his cancer came back.  RIP.  I’ve also heard that dogs need to be on leash at all times now because of a few “bad parents”.

Last night we brought the new member of our family to Gaspar’s Grotto in Ybor City, Tampa, FL.  He’s a Great Dane that we adopted through the SW Great Dane Rescue.  One of the members of the rescue had told me about a social group that meets there once a month when Gaspar’s holds it’s monthly event, Pets on the Patio.  All breeds are welcome.  There were tons of different breeds there enjoying the evening.  We made many new friends.

It’s called Pets on the Patio, and it’s held the first Saturday of every month.  Summer hours are from 5pm-8pm and Winter hours are from 3pm-6pm.  It’s held on the outdoor patio where they’ve got live entertainment, baby pools for the dogs, buckets of water for the dogs to drink, and a bar w/TV’s running.  Since it’s fenced in, you can let your dog play and run around off leash.  Gaspar’s also serves a delicious variety of foods.  You can eat outside or you can choose to eat inside with your K9 companion(s).  This is a very dog friendly place.

The night we went, there happened to be a fundraiser for a Great Dane who recently had his leg amputated.  He had been diagnosed with cancer.  There were all sorts of fantastic raffles to enter.  The band, Dune Train (out of Sarasota), was there to entertain us.  They were fantastic!  Here are a few picturs from the event:

The dogs loved the stage!
“Uh huh, uh huh.  Then what?”
“Mom’s saying something important!”
That’s our baby’s rear-end.  Isn’t it handsome!
Just getting to know each other…
Here’s the band, Dune Train.  They were great!
Our big guy loved being on the stage.  At one point he stuck his head through the fence so that he could say hi to people on the sidewalk.
This 9 week old Merle was exhausted!
He’s a big boy!

The title to this post is a link to the site for Pets on the Patio and Gaspar’s Grotto.


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