Call us weird!  I picked my husband up from work yesterday with all four dogs (not the weird part – although it was a first – we need a bigger vehicle).  We had to stop on the way home to get gas.  When the gas was pumped, my husband gets back in the car with a dragonfly!  What the heck?  He’s probably freaking out because of the dogs.  Leave him be.  I think he’s hurt.  His wings weren’t moving. That was strange.  Let me go home and take some real quick pictures of him, then we’ll let him go.  It turned out that he must have gotten injured from a grill of a car or something.  He was cut on one side of his body.  Poor thing.

Hubby put him outside on a bush, but as I watched to see if he was ok, an ant went on to him. If he was going to die, I didn’t want him to die by getting eaten alive.  In an effort to save him/help him (or her) recuperate, my husband placed him in one of our indoor plants, which is away from the dogs.  We put a small plastic lid of water in there and a leaf in case he wanted to eat.  In the morning, I asked how he was.  The report was that he was stiff as a board and was given a Viking funeral in the middle of the night.  You have no idea how I fretted over this!  Should we kill him and put him out of his misery?  But what if he heals?  He was moving his arms and cleaning his face.  When a finger was held out, he grabbed hold of it (possibly saying, “let me die”).  At least he died knowing he was loved the last few hours of his life.

Call us crazy!  We’re animal lovers.  In our first year of marriage, my husband actually brought (rescued) a duck and a bird home!  Kept the bird on the dresser for a night (in the morning he was dead) and the duck was on the floor and pooped under the bed (he was set free the next day.  That’s a whole other story!

RIP little fella:


THEN my husband holds up a cricket he found.  Still had the camera out!……

Bugs & Birds



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