Fun Day At The Beach

This post was brought over from my old blog site.

This past weekend we loaded up two cars which carried four people and four dogs to Fort DeSoto.   They’ve got many, many activities for outdoor lovers, but we were there that particular day for the dog beach.

It was a beautiful Fall day.  Not too hot, but yet the water wasn’t too cold.  Our other three dogs had been to the (a) beach before, but we weren’t sure if our new, adopted dog, had ever been to one.  He was a little hesitant at first, but once he was in the water it was as if he were home.  I caught him many times visiting with different people.

Fort DeSoto’s dog beach is a beautiful beach that’s got nice sand and a nice sandy bottom in the water. I found no need to wear swim shoes here.  There’s a dog park that you pass by  (Paw Playground) on your way to the beach.  It offers a large fenced in area that is separated for small dogs and large dogs.  There are shaded benches for the human’s, drinking water for the dogs and a hose to cool your dog off or to clean him up after playing on the beach/in the water.  It’s a beautiful, grassy area for your dogs to romp around in and make new friends.  There are public restrooms/changing areas nearby for your use.

3 of our dogs:

My youngest son and one of our dogs:









They wouldn’t be dogs if they didn’t stop to say “hi” to each other (smell, smell):

Big dogs checking out the little guys:

Having fun rolling in the sand:
Now, I think that the dog below, is the same one as the dog above!




Other activities you can enjoy at Fort DeSoto are conoeing/kayaking, bike riding, tour the fort, hike on trails, fish, swim at their other beaches (no dogs allowed on the other beaches) and picnic.  They’ve also got camping.  They have primitive/youth camping, sites that allow dogs, sites that don’t allow dogs, and waterfront sites.  What’s great about Fort DeSoto is that they’ve got pictures of all their campsites, so you know what you’re reserving!  The links embedded in this blog lead you to fantastic information about this place, loaded with several maps for camping, hiking, the park, etc.  I’m sure I’m missing some activities, so make sure you visit one of these links for more info.

Here are just a few pictures from the campground area:


Here’s one of the bathrooms:


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