Places to Eat / Drink / Watch Sports In and Around Daytona Beach, FLCapt’s. Tavern, Heffers Twooo Cafe, River Grille, Ocean Deck, Mai Tai

I apologize for the image blurriness.  This happened during import from an old blog site that I used to my new one.  Unfortunately, the originals are no longer available.  The content is still good.

I don’t know where to start!  We ate at so many good places.  The restaurants named with a different color for the name, is a link to the business’ site.

I’ll try and start at the first restaurant we went to.  The night we got into town (Daytona Beach), we had dinner at Capt’s Tavern Riverfront Grill.  What a great place!  Great food and very nice staff.  Our waitress was Larissa.  Very nice girl.

This was our first “taste” of the off-season in Daytona.  They only had a few tables full of customers.  We asked the waitress if this was normal, and that’s when she explained it’s the slow time of year.  Good for us, but I can’t believe businesses can stay in business with it so slow!  It was like that all over town.  When we were leaving, the entertainment of the night explained to me that the restaurant had only been there for about a month or so.  I wish them all the best for a successful business.

Hey.  I think Florida’s cold in the Fall.  Before we left our room, I asked my husband if he was taking his jacket. He said no, that he wasn’t cold.  Men!  We sat outside on the deck, so I bundled up. Very comfy.  He got cold, so we moved inside.

I thought it was cool how they serve salad dressing and sour cream in the little jars.  The only thing my husband wasn’t happy about was the size of the salad.  It was perfect for me.  Otherwise, we both enjoyed the loaded nachos we got as an appetizer, the prime rib I got and my husband got the spaghetti with huge meat balls.

The next day we went to Heffer’s Twooo for breakfast.  Again, yum.  Are you going to get sick of me saying that?  They’re located in a strip mall at 1460 Ocean Shore Blvd., Ormond By The Sea, FL (386)441-9044.  They’re open M-Sun from 7am-2pm.  There’s another Heffer’s off of A1A.  A brother and sister own these locations.

I got a waffle with stawberries and whipped cream.  My husband got the Britchers Buster.  As you can see below, the weather was nicer during the day!

This is where I get lost.  I’m just going to tell you all the places we ate in no particular order.

One day we went to the River Grille for lunch.  I had the 1/2 a Shrimp Salad sandwich and a bowl of clam chowder.  My husband had a hamburger with blue cheese on top.  Good food.  We sat outside on the deck.  Great scenery.  You can see manatee in the water when it’s warmer out.  We were told that a manatee and her cub were just there about six weeks before that.

We went to the Ocean Deck Restaurant & Beach Club one night when we were semi bar hopping, but not really.  We were just checking out some night life.  A total of two pina colada’s were drank.  Only one here and one at another place.  We did get loaded nachos though.  You’d think my husband was pregnant or something.  He wanted nachos every where we went.  They have an upstairs and a downstairs.  We sat downstairs just inside by the open air windows that looked out onto a small deck on the beach.  They’ve got many activities here.  Check out their website for more info, live web cam, etc.  They’re known for “No shirt, no shoes, no problem.”
I don’t have any pictures of the Vegas Super Buffet, and they have no website, but if you like Chinese buffets, this one is big.  It’s the largest one I’ve ever seen.  Good food too.  It’s a new business in a Publix strip mall.  Their address is 2667 N. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, FL (386)615-8868.
We (I) had my second pina colada at the Mai Tai Bar which is right on the beach in the Ocean Walk Village.  Very comfy chairs!  I wouldn’t really call it a chain since you’d have to go to Honolulu or Long Beach, CA to see another one.
To be continued in next post (above).  I had too many keywords and didn’t want to leave anyone out.

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