Places to Eat / Drink / Watch Sports In and Around Daytona Beach, FL (cont’d from previous post) Avocado Kitchen, Inlet Harbor Restaurant, Bubba Gump’s, The Oyster Pub, IHOP

I apologize for the blurry images.  This happened when importing this post from an old blog site.  Unfortunately the originals are no longer available to me.  The content is still good.
There’s a cute little place called The Dancing Avocado Kitchen in the historic district of Daytona Beach.  It’s a vegetarian place.  They’ve got some outdoor seating and indoor seating.  Lots of decorations to look at!  Very cool hippie atmosphere.  Very nice waitress/manager that day.  My husband loved the bread.  A bakery makes the bread especially for them.  Their address is 110 South Beach St., Daytona Beach, FL  (386)947-2022.
The Inlet Harbor Restaurant Marina & Gift Shop is a great place.  Very colorful and beautiful scenery.  I’m starting to lose it now.  I know my husband got onion rings and a hamburger, and I got some sort of wrap.  Can’t rememeber.  I know I asked for it to be grilled.  The food was good.

I was wrong!  I didn’t have a pina colada at the Ocean Deck.  I had my first one at Mai Tai’s and my second one at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.  This was the first time I’d ever been to a Bubba Gump’s.  It’s in the Ocean Walk Shoppe’s.  I know that they have several other locations.  Great decorating job.  To my dismay, I found out I was wrong.  It wasn’t a true story (the movie).  I didn’t have anything to eat there (although I did nibble off my husband’s plate).  Guess what he got?  A hamburger.  I’m not sure if they do it to every customer, but our waitress quizzed us about movie facts.  I got one right.  My husband got them all right.  He’s a re-run kind of guy!

If you’ve never been here, I just love the signs.  The Run Forrest Run sign means you don’t need the waitress.  The Stop Forrest Stop sign means you need a waitress.  Cute!


The last place I’ll mention, we actually went to twice.  It’s a sports bar called The Oyster Pub.  We went to see the Chicago Bears play on Sunday and Thursday.  We won both games!  GO BEARS!  We had loaded nachos both times.  My husband got a hamburger both times.  I got the grilled cheese sandwich the first time (Who can say no to one of those – dripping with cheese?  Homemade grilled cheese just can’t cut it.)  The second time I got a slice of key lime pie.

This was/is the best sports bar that we found there.  Lots of fun, large TV’s, a waitress sitting by the door on game days offering things such as hot dogs, etc.  They’ve got a big barrel of peanuts by the door.  Waitresses are nice.  There’s also a game room here.  We actually checked out a few others and walked out.  One didn’t even serve coke products OR unsweet ice tea.  The only two things my husband likes to drink.

We also went to an IHOP for breakfast, but most people have been to those.  I’d choose one that is located on A1A versus the one’s near I-95 (we went into one and walked out and went back to one on the beach-side.  They had a Fall menu with Fall flavors that all looked soooo good.  I’m not a coffee drinker, but they always make it look so good in the pictures when it’s got whipped cream on it, etc.  The waitress said they could do that with hot chocolate too.  I got the white chocolate hot chocolate.  Mmmmmm.  Couldn’t finish my breakfast after that, but had great leftovers for the next day!

The names of the bussiness’ that are in gray, are direct links to the business’ website.


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