Happy New Year / A to Z Photography Challenge: A

This is the start of my A to Z Photography Challenge to myself.  Taking a photograph of something everyday, for 26 days, that starts with a letter of the alphabet.  I was thinking of tackeling the 365 Day Challenge, but am not quite sure I can/want to commit to that just yet.

Here’s my photograph for the first day, and my message to you!  Starts with the letter A – Acorn:

This was backbreaking to say the least.  I originally was going to rake up some acorns and make a large pyramid or something out of them, and then take an artsy picture.  Well, I ended up having to hand pick them, because when I raked, I also got leaves, etc.  Then I thought of spelling out the above.  Well, I learned several things while doing this project:

1)  acorns roll
2)  our patio is on a slant
3)  the wind will not stop blowing just because you beg it to
4)  my patience level is higher than I thought when I’m on a mission

Here’s a shot I took towards the beginning of the “project”.  I think I was day dreaming!

This is just a close-up of the acorns:

A - Acorn

A – Acorn

Now, can I get a squirrel or two to visit our yard to clean up the acorns that the dogs love to eat, that are soooo not good for them?  Hmmmm.  What can I do for the letter B tomorrow?

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