A to Z Photography Challenge: J

For an explanation of this challenge, read this post.

Last night around 8pm I was thinking of juke box or jacks for today’s letter – J.  I asked my husband if there was anywhere close that had a juke box, and he said Waffle House, but it was all greasy and gross looking.  I called Walgreens and Wal Mart to see if they had jacks.  I was going to have my son stop and buy them on his way home from work so that I’d have them for today.  I was on a tight schedule today and I knew I wouldn’t have time to stop.  It turns out our Wal Mart is remodeling their toy section, so they “lost” the jacks.  They couldn’t find them.  Walgreens didn’t sell them.  I gave my son a few other ideas and he came home with two of them.  Juicy Fruit gum and a jigsaw puzzle.  The thought of photographing either of these was not floating my boat.  The puzzle isn’t a picture that I would choose for this time of year – baby chicks (that’s more for Easter – can you guess what my Happy Easter message will look like?).

And then my brother pulls through!  This is where the family helps out during this challenge (and he didn’t even know I was struggling with the letter for today).  My sister-in-law had left me a post on my facebook page last night with suggestions that my brother had for J.

J – Jacks


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