In Memory Of

I haven’t been able to do the A to Z Challenge this past week.  On the M day, my husband and I flew out to Northern IL to say goodbye to his mother.

She had a pretty serious surgery at the end of December.  Seemed to be better.  Went back to the nursing home.  Then about a week later, she ended up back in the hospital post-heart attack, with pneumonia and CHF.

We were able to spend four days (3 full days) at the hospital and staying with family –  my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, their spouses and their cousin and her husband.  I am so thankful that she knew we were there with her.  The first night we even got her to laugh a little.

My husband and I got back home early Tuesday morning and she passed away early Wednesday morning (yesterday).

RIP Mom…

This is a picture that she sent to my husband in a card this past Christmas.  On the back it says, “Son, I love you.  A smile you’ll never forget.  Love you all, Mom”  It doesn’t look like she was sick, does it?


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