Airport and Airplane Sights

When you’ve got connecting flights with time in between and when you’re on an airplane with nothing to do, you’ve got time to kill.  Here are some sights I captured with my camera:

This was our first flight out of Orlando to Kentucky/Ohio:

This was on the flight from Kentucky/Ohio to Milwaukee.  This was a 50 seater plane.  For those of you who don’t know me, I get #1 motion sickness, #2 I’m clausterphobic, #3 I can get panic attacks because of #1 and #2 and I hate heights.  Thank God for good medication!  In this shot, a mechanic is discussing the engine problems with one of the engines.  He’s not sure if he can fix it or if we’ll need to catch another flight.  Again, thank God for medication!

Yuck!  Snow!  Before we took off from the above flight, my husband asked the flight attendant to see if someone could clean our window.  It had been de-iced earlier and it left it all smeary.  I wish I would have gotten a shot of it.  The flight attendant tried cleaning it herself by leaning around the door of the plane (we were in the front row of the itsy bitsy plane).  She did the best she could.  She was awesome.  Her name was Nancy and she works for Delta:

This has nothing to do with airplanes or airports, but if you know me, I HATE the cold!  This was a shot of our rental car’s thermostat:

The lowest I saw it go was 9 degrees.  That was at night, but I know it got colder while we slept.

This was from our 2 1/2 hour trip from the hospital to the airport during a Winter Advisory:

Here are a few shots from the Milwaukee airport while we were waiting for our flight to Atlanta:

I call her Sleeping Beauty:


De-icing the plane.  That’s comforting:

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