Lakeland Pig Fest 2011

Hmmmmm (sigh).  I smell sooooo good!  My favorite smell is the smell of a campfire, and that’s what my hair smells like right now.  Yesterday I attended the Lakeland Pig Fest (you are correct – that means that I have not taken a shower yet) which is held annually at Tiger Town.

I had never been to the fest before, even though I’ve lived here since it’s inception in 1997!  I’m going to use the excuse that I don’t get out much, even though this blog begs to differ.  It was amazing!  The crowd was unbelievable.  I see the need for either a larger venue in the future, or….I’m not sure.  This year 150 barbeque teams were supposed to compete.  150!  How do you choose which one to eat??  Even though it’s not practical, I vote for all of them to have samples – if not free – at a very low price!

My main purpose for going (since I really don’t get out much) was to go take some photographs of my Retina doctor.  He was playing keyboards for the band The Jealous Guys who are from Plant City, FL (Chad, Eric, Billy, Mike).  I got there early to get a good seat and to check out the lighting situation.  I found the closest picnic table to the stage and waited.  I saw two guys that looked like they needed somewhere to sit, so I offered to share my table.  It turns out they’re local celebrities (like that – huh?).  They were Seth and Dale from the Mayhem in the A.M. talk radio show – WLKF Talk 1430.  Nice guys.  It was nice getting to know a them and you can be sure I’ll be tuning in to their show when I’m on my way to work.

Seth and Dale announcing the band, The Jealous Guys:

A few pictures of the band: img_9418_b&w






The band was really good!  I took pictures of them for about 2 hours while they played.  I would have loved to stay longer, but was terrified that I was going to have a bad burn on my face/neck from being out in the sun for so long without sunscreen.  Don’t call me a baby.  I’ve had three pre-cancerous things cut off of me already.  I’d like to stick around this world a little longer.  When preparing for my day, I wasn’t thinking about the sun.  I was thinking about what equipment I’d need.

Some sights of the fest:

Let’s just say, I didn’t use these.  I used the real one’s because #1 – I asked if they could be used, and #2 – no one was standing guard:

How was the food, you ask?  I’m embarassed to say, I didn’t have one bite!  I bought water.  That was it.  If I would have been there with other people, I would have gotten something to eat for sure and stuck around.  But it did smell soooooo good!  I’m not lying.  Remember – I said my hair smelled good?

To find out more information on this event, you can click the title of this post and it will re-direct you to their website.


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