A to Z Photography Challenge: Summary

Well.  This is it.  Yesterday was the last day of my self-imposed A to Z Photography Challenge.

On January 1, 2011, I was debating on doing a 365 day Photo Challenge.  That would be where I’d take one picture a day and post it.  It could have been a picture of anything.  Then I started thinking that it would be quite a commitment.  So, I went smaller.  I decided on doing an A to Z Challenge.  26 days.  Piece of cake!  Yeah, right.

I wanted to take shots that would be pieces of art – not just a snapshot.  In some cases, I achieved that.  In some, I had brain farts and wish I could have done do-over’s.  This took a lot of time.  It’s not as easy as it may seem.  In many cases there was set-up involved, going on-location, etc..  My house stayed a mess.  I ignored my family and dogs, etc.  If I ever choose to do this again in the future, I’m going to go with my brother’s suggestion – one picture a week.  That would give me time to think and plan.

If you stayed on this challenge with me and read my posts, thank you.  If you haven’t seen my posts, I think it’s worth going back through them.  In many of them, I posted more than one picture for a particular letter.  I also laced them with a little story about that particular letter and it’s challenges.  They started on January 1, 2011 and they ended yesterday, February 4, 2011.  You can start at the beginning here.  There were a few days where I wasn’t able to post pictures due to the illness and subsequent death of my mother-in-law.
A - Acorn

A – Acorn

B - Bok Tower

B – Bok Tower

C - Christmas Cookies

C – Christmas Cookies

D - Drums

D – Drums

E - Empty Tank

E – Empty Tank

F - Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar

F – Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar

G - Golf

G – Golf

H - Hot

H – Hot

I - Ice

I – Ice

J - Jacks

J – Jacks

K - Knight

K – Knight

L - Lincoln Town Car

L – Lincoln Town Car

M - Mail

M – Mail

N - Nails

N – Nails

O - Osterizer

O – Osterizer

P - Popcorn

P – Popcorn

Q - Quartz Watch

Q – Quartz Watch

R - Reflection

R – Reflection

S - Scrabble

S – Scrabble

T - Talk Show Hosts

T – Talk Show Hosts

U - Utensils

U – Utensils

V - Vacuum Cleaner

V – Vacuum Cleaner

W - Water Drop

W – Water Drop

X - Xylephone

X – xylophone

Y - Yogurt

Y – Yogurt

Z - Zipper

Z – Zipper


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