Motorcycle Mania

This is my second post on Lakeland’s First Friday events.  We’ve attended a few of these.  Each month is a different theme. This past Saturday was for the motorcycle enthusiasts.  Out of seven years that Lakeland has been having this Friday event, this is the very first time they’ve had one for motorcycles.

If you ask me, it was a HUGE success.  There were bike’s all over the place.  Many vendors, a great band, local businesses stayed open late.  Motorcycle Mania stayed open an hour later than the Friday events usually do.  Another thing that I thought was really neat was that there were several street musicians.  What I mean by this, for example, is a couple of guys just standing outside one of the local businesses playing guitars and singing.  When I had visited London several years ago, it was Christmastime and they had these all over the place.  It’s was really cool.

Even though I’m not really into motorcycles (I’ve lost a couple friends from accidents which were not their faults and my ex-brother-in-law lost half of a leg.), it was fun seeing and being around them.  The bikers are a great group of people and we had great conversations with many of them.  Very friendly and down to earth.  I sooooo wish I had my camera!  This one big, burly guy, had a little dog that he carried around.  I think it was a pug or something.  The dog had a pair of little riding goggles on and an old style motorcycle helmet and I think a bomber jacket.  Very cute!  We brought “the girls” with us (our two Old English Mastiffs), so I didn’t want to have to lug around my camera and external flash because it was dark out.  Although in hindsight, I wish I would have!

Here are a couple links.  One is for Lakeland events: and the other one is related to the First Friday Motorcycle Mania event:

There were a couple of photographers out that took pictures of me and the girls.  Here’s one:

Photo courtesy of David Shumate

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