Pets on the Patio

What a busy weekend!  Last night we went to Lakeland’s First Friday and today we went to Pets on the Patio and bowling with some of my co-workers afterwards.  Since hearing about this once a month event, this was our third time attending.  We don’t get to go as much as we’d like to.  It’s held every first Saturday at Gaspar’s Grotto in Ybor City.

This is a restaurant/bar which has indoor and outdoor seating.  It’s very dog friendly.  Dogs are allowed to run off leash in the fenced outside patio area.  They have live entertainment, a bar and TV’s outside.

The Winter hours are 3pm-6pm.  Summer hours are from 5pm-8pm.  This particular day they had early hours due to a function that was to follow.  It was a dreary, overcast day, but still a good time.  They’ve installed new umbrella’s which cover a majority of the patio area, so we were kept dry (They used to have  individual table umbrella’s.).  My brother and sister-in-law were able to meet us out there for lunch.

Here are a few of the pets that attended:

This poor little guy!  He’s a 3 month old Shepherd/Pit/something mix that was molested as soon as he walked in the door!

This is the same puppy.  He was a little leery/tuckered out!

The hostess.  I love her shoes!

A really nice guy who works there:

And then here comes a girl!  She’s the same age as our dane:

I am so surprised they didn’t knock any furniture over!  Prince has our three other dogs to run around with, but she was his age and breed.  They had the same energy level:

Looks like a petting zoo, huh?

The food was good.  I had the Jerky Chicken Wrap with plantain chips and my husband had an Italian beef sandwich.  My brother and sister-in-law split a hamburger:

Here’s a picture of the patio and the new umbrellas.  Notice the bucket by the tree on the bottom left?  They have several of these with water sitting out for the dogs.  In the summer they have baby pools set up for them to cool off in:

The entertainment for the day were twin brothers Denny and Dave:

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