A Day at the Auction

This outing was planned for about a week now, and yet when the alarm went off at 6am this morning, the only thought I had was – “What kind of crazy person wakes up this early on their day off?”.  My husband makes me, that’s who.

This was our first time going to an auction and we didn’t know what to expect.  What a day!  We went to the Tampa Machinery Auction located in Tampa, FL.  WOW!  I honestly thought (being a woman – haha) that it was just for cars.  I met a few other women there who were also “newbies” and I bet they thought the same thing.  This place had a huge selection of “machinery”.  Want your own bug spraying truck?  How about a moving van if you move a lot?  Got a lot of kids?  They’ve got school buses too.  This is just a small sample of the selection they have.

There are food/beverage vendors – some are stationary and some are carts that go around the property. They even serve hot chocolate and coffee!  Port-a-potties are also available. If you’re there to bid on something further into the property, plan on bringing something to entertain you. Maybe even a lightweight chair if you’re willing to carry it around.  Bidding starts at 9am. We used this first visit as a research mission to get the feel for how it works. We left a little early – around 1pm. They probably finished up a little after 2pm or so.

There is parking on the premises, but they also have a shuttle for extra parking.  Save yourself time and do not attempt to park on the right-of-way – the Hillsborough Sherriff patrols the auction.
When we first arrived, we had to go into this building to sign-in and get our bidders number.  The place was packed but the lines moved at a good pace.  Make sure you bring your driver’s license!

These are some of the items we saw:

Three wagons with the auctioneer’s are pulled around the property.  This is one of them:

Some people watching/participating in the auction:

This was the first person that I saw with outward excitement that she won the bid.  I was so happy for her!

If this guy didn’t lose his keys by the end of the day, I would be surprised!

This woman also won her bid.  It made me smile just to hear her say to her family, “I’m driving home!”  Those reactions are priceless.  You can see how proud she was:

A couple of the auction guys:

The sky was amazing!

A couple of the auctioneer’s:

More item:

The staff that we ran into were extremely friendly.  This was a pretty cool experience, even if you’re not there to bid on something.  They told me that some people just go to watch.

And one last note – make sure you bring sun screen if you’re weary of the sun.  I didn’t, and the whole right side of my face is burnt.


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