Florida Southern’s Jekyll and Hyde

First off, I want to thank the two young ladies who gave me the free ticket vouchers to this play/musical.  When we were at Lakeland’s Motorcycle Mania a couple weeks ago, they came up to us and asked if we’d like some free tickets to see a performance at their school of  Jekyll & Hyde.  I politely told them that I know I wouldn’t go, so they should try to give them to someone else.  Then I started to think about it a little more.  I hardly ever take my mom out anywhere.  This would be a nice surprise for her.  So I changed my mind and took the tickets.

This past Friday my mom, her friend visiting from IN, and I attended Jekyll & Hyde at Florida Southern College.  Now, I’m not really into plays or musicals.  I always turn my family down when they make plans to attend one saying “no thanks”.  When we were making plans to see this performance, we decided to attend the one at 7:30pm.  That’s pretty late for me.  I’m usually in bed by 9pm.  Then I found out that it would last about 2 hrs and 45 min which included a 10 min intermission.  That even made my mom and her friend a little leary.  We decided that if we were getting tired, we could sneak out during intermission.  That was our plan.

We arrived at 7:15pm to exchange our vouchers for tickets.  There was a line going into the play, so we sat outside on benches for a few minutes waiting for it to thin. Not a bad wait really.

When we walked in the doors, it was like, wow.  The seating was u-shaped.  The air was “foggy”.  The stairs were steep.  I guess you would call the seating stadium seating – maybe a little bit more so.  When we were seated, our feet rested on the floor about mid-way up the backs of the people that sat in front of us.  The orchestra pit was a literal pit – it was set in the ground.  The ground/stage was a concrete floor painted brown.  The set had old wooden steps which led up to another area for the performers to use – like a large cat walk.  It was a really cool set.  No pictures/video was allowed so you’ll have to go by my description.

I was a little worried about my mom.  Let’s just say, because of her bladder, she frequents restrooms.  I wasn’t sure how she would do with the theatre dark and the stairs steep.  She did have to go once during the play, but she made it back it one piece.  Afterwards she told us that the young man at the top of the stairs was very helpful.  He lit a path for her so that she could see.

A little more on the bathroom situation if you’re like me and my mom (yes – I get it from her).  They’ve got bathrooms inside the Buckner Theatre, and outside the theatre doors.  The women’s restroom outside only has two stalls.  When it came time for intermission, my mom and I almost sprinted up the steps to make sure that we’d be one of the first to get to them.  If you’re a woman, you know how the lines can be!  Ta da!  We were the first!  All the other patrons were either #1 – young with nice large bladders or #2 – our ages, but not in a big hurry.  Even at the end, all three of us made it to the outer restrooms before anyone else – and we were seated in the 3rd row!

We ended up staying to see the whole production.  It was really good.  The actors were great.  The music was great.  The set was neat and the actors were able to change them so smoothly without having to darken the set to do so – the play just kept going on around them.  The sound effects were awesome!  When Hyde was breaking the neck of a victim, stabbing them, or shooting them – it sounded so real!  It always made us gasp.

I would definately be interested in seeing more performances at Florida Southern College and the Buckner Theatre.  There’s one coming up called Daddy’s Dyin’ – Who’s got the will?  Just the title makes it sound like it will be a great comedy!


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