Strawberry Classic Car Show

We made it this month!  We were able to take all four dogs too.  My son’s friend came along to help out with the “babysitting”.  It was an absolutely gorgeous February night in Florida!

I just got a new camera and lens in the mail on Friday, so this was the first day I actually used it.  It was more or less a learning night.  I did realize one thing though, I need to get a polorizing filter for it.  There was a lot of refection off of these cars.  I thought I’d share some of the pictures I took:

Surprisingly at the end of the night it was still in one piece.  I took a little spill (I think I’m getting a little too old for all the bandaids I’ve had on the past couple of years.) – didn’t see a curb and fell off it – my camera missed the ground by about 3 inches!  Thank GOD I decided to wear it around my neck and I thank GOD I always hold it with one hand when it’s around my neck.


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