Celebration of Pets

I wasn’t sure this would ever get posted!  Our computer crashed (and we had 2 hard drives in it!).  What did we ever do without them?

We heard about the Celebration of Pets in Sarasota, FL through SW Great Dane Rescue where we adopted our Dane.  It was a huge success, and they’re already planning their 2nd annual event according to their website.  We decided to make a weekend of it.  We attended this 1st annual event and then stayed the night on Pine Island where we once had lived.  Pictures and info from there will be under a seperate post.
Rescuing an animal is a wonderful thing.  It gives them a second chance at happiness and brings joy to their new family.  We saw many wonderful K9 – even a couple birds.  Here are some pictures from the event:
She’s saying, “Look at the bling we can buy!”

You’re going to see a few more pictures of this big guy later.  We’re also partial to mastiffs.  We have two Old English Mastiff girls:

This looks just like our German Shepherd!

The beginning of the day:

Love the eyes!

I swear, this dog heard it was getting it’s picture taken so it settled into another pose!  It was funny.  It was looking one way “listening” to a conversation, heard the word “picture” and adjusted itself and looked my way.  What a ham!

They’ve got several dogs that need a good home.  Check out their website:  http://www.swgdr.org/

“I want that ball.  I want that ball.”

This is our handsome guy that we rescued:

Imagine what it takes to get that body out of the water!


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