Another Dog Gone Good Day

Taken from an earlier post:  “It’s called Pets on the Patio, and it’s held the first Saturday of every month. Summer hours are from 5pm-8pm and Winter hours are from 3pm-6pm. It’s held on the outdoor patio where they’ve got live entertainment, baby pools for the dogs, buckets of water for the dogs to drink, and a bar w/TV’s running. Since it’s fenced in, you can let your dog play and run around off leash. Gaspar’s also serves a delicious variety of foods. You can eat outside or you can choose to eat inside with your K9 companion(s). This is a very dog friendly place.”  For more info and pictures from these events, see keywords to the right – Pets on the Patio.

We attended Gaspar’s Grotto Pet’s on the Patio event again.  This place was packed yesterday!  As always, we met lots of nice people and their “kids”.  Here are some of the pictures:

I caught this at the end.  The guy was just dismounting from the dog – trying to get the collar on I think:

Lots of visiting going on.  I think the dog on the left is their dog:

There is plenty of water for all:

This is our girl Ruby.  This was her first time here.  I was debating bringing her sister.  Ruby is more the couch potato.  When we first arrived, she kept trying to go back into the restaurant.  Then she walked around.  Then she pretty much layed around.  I think she was trying to get back into the restaurant with the thought, “I’m sure they have a couch inside.”:

When you’re a dane, you can pretty much stick your nose where you want to:

“They’re not looking. Maybe I can steal a piece of bread.”:

This little girl was camera shy.  Her mommy is in the background with a baby due in April:

This kind of started a trend:

This is actually the mommy. Once people saw this dane standing up with people, everyone wanted to get in on it. I saw a few others doing it:

There’s Pupperoni in that purse!


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