Chicago Italian Beef Sandwiches In Central Florida!

I apologize for the blurry images.  This happened while moving this post from my old blog to this one.  The content is still good.

Several days ago, my husband and I spent the day in Orlando.  When it came time for lunch, we were discussing what our options were.  Unfortunately, we decided on a fast food place as always.  Me, I like to try new places.  Preferably one’s that are not part of a chain – I like to give mom and pop places my business.   We were headed towards the restaurant when a guy we were with mentioned that there was a good sandwich place down the block.  We took a leap of faith.

We went to a place called Italian Beefstro. It’s been open for about seven or eight months.  It’s located literally a block away from the back of the old Amway Arena where the Orlando Magic used to play before they built the new one (which is also right off of I-4).  A couple from Chicago opened it up with a lot of TLC.

OMG!  Heaven!  We have found another restaurant that serves food just as good as they do in Chicago (and that’s very rare down here).  They get all their meat shipped from there – you can’t get any more authentic than that.  The guy we were with got an Italian Beef Mini Sandwich (which I guess is his usual), my husband got a Combo (Italian Beef and Sausage), and I  got a Chili Cheese Dog (100% Vienna Beef  baby!).  I didn’t have time to take pictures of our food, but below you can see some food in some of the pictures.

I got to talking with Rich for quite a while. What a nice guy!  We talked about the old days in Chicago, the great places to eat there, and he told me about the nice little touches he put into the remodeling of the building which is now the Italian Beefstro.

Here is a picture of their outdoor patio.  This is the side of the building.  The parking lot is to the right and the entrance and street are on the left.  Rich is/has planting a plant which he hopes will grow tall and hang over the patio like a trellis.

Here’s Bunny (one of the owner’s) making some sandwiches (which can also be bought as mini’s):

Here’s one of the nice little touches that they put in.  There are hooks underneath the bar so that women can hang their purses (instead of hanging them on the back of their chairs or placing them on the floor):

One of the owner’s (Rich) mentioned that the salad’s are large enough for two people:

Check this out!  They even put TV’s in for people who are by themselves or have children:

The owners, Rich and Bunny:

Notice the hooks on the ends of the tables?  Those are for purses too:

I couldn’t resist taking this picture of the back of the old Amway Arena which was only a block away.  It was a gorgeous day:

When you’re in Orlando, go check out the Italian Beefstro.  They’re located at 705 W. Colonial Drive in Orlando.  Their phone # is 407-601-7444.  Directions:  2 Lights West of I-4 on Colonial Drive (Hwy 50).  They’re open Monday-Friday from 11am-6pm and Saturday’s 11am-5pm.  They also offer catering and stay open late for special events.  They also sell Italian Beef by the pound.
If you get a chance to go there, tell them that you heard about them from me!

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