Celebrating Public Works Week

I apologize for the blurry images.  This happened while I was importing this post from my old blog site.  The content is still good.

This past First Friday celebration in Lakeland was dedicated to National Public Works Week (as it’s annually celebrated at this event).  When I first read that this was the theme for the month, I wasn’t exceited to go.  Public Works.  How interesting.  Hmmmmm.

Outstanding!  Huge turnout!  Fun!  When we first arrived, we walked through the car show.  The night was just starting, so there weren’t that many there yet.  We headed towards the displays that were set-up.  There were many informative and  interesting one’s.  They had one that was set-up like a gameshow where a utility worker would ask questions:

This woman talked about neighborhood stabilization:

There was one that displayed info on a smart meter and gave away free yellow bags:

They were giving out free snow cones.  I really wanted one, but I had a dog leash in one hand and my camera in the other.  I showed great restraint.

You could register for door prizes.  All you had to do was visit each exhibit and get a piece of paper stamped, then turn it in for a drawing.

Here’s a display that I’m passionate about!  These are over-sized road signs.  My question to them:  “Why aren’t they really this large on the roads?  I’d have no problem seeing these and there would be less tickets given out to people who don’t see a sign.  There’s no way they’d  miss these!” – HOLD THE PRESSES!  My husband is telling me that this is the normal size.  I’m going to go stand next to one today!  If I’m wrong, I’ll always admit it.

There was a display of different size garbage cans.  If you’re a homeowner who has your garbage collection fee on a monthly bill, the smaller the can, the cheaper your cost.  If you usually use a really large can and don’t recycle, see what you can put in a recycling bin or two (or more if needed).  Maybe you’d be able to use a smaller one and save some money.

This guy was handing out free frisbee’s at his display:

There were also food vendors, a bounce house, and some art/jewelry vendors, and street musicians.  There were representatives from Central Florida Speach and Hearing, Peace River, Campfire USA, and other organizations.

Lakeland now has a roller derby team – the Lakeland Derby Dames.  A cute little boy was at this event passing out flyers and trying to recruit members – me included.  I thought he was teasing, but they are recruiting for more skaters.  I said that I’m a little too old, even though I grew up skating at our local rink in my hometown, I’d probably hurt myself.  It turns out there’s actually a skater older than me.  More power to her!

I didn’t know anything about them so I checked out their very informative website.  Not only are they looking for recruits, they’re also looking for sponsors.

Some of the skaters took a moment to pose for a picture:

I could never be the operator of this machine.  The way it was moving and jerking – I’d “lose my lunch” and anything else that might come up!

Not only did they have large vehicles there to view…:

…but they also had a little kids area where they could play in the sand and/or pretend they were driving a bulldozer or steam roller :

They were also giving out free “hard hats” to the little one’s.  They take their play so seriously.  A friend was telling me a cute story about her son.  He was telling other kids (I can’t remember her exact words) “you have to have a hard hat to drive this”.  He was very serious.  : )

More pictures from the evening:

Now, there’s one other item I must mention that I’m passionate about – bathrooms!  Albiet even a port-a-potty.  Where were they??  One of the vendors made a funny joke when I asked her where they were.  She said, “Ask the city, they’re all here.”  I thought that was pretty funny.  I then did ask two of the guys.  My answer was, “Go to Harry’s!”  Harry’s is a local restaurant that was right across the street.  I’m sure they’d love that!

On our way out we hit the car show.  It was dusk becoming dark very quickly.  I had a request to photograph my husband’s favorite old car in the whole wide world – the 1968 Dodge Charger:

I’m so glad I went and didn’t let the theme of the event stop me from going.  Themes are deceiving 🙂  It was a beautiful evening.   There was lots of great information and great entertainment.  We met lots of nice people – LOTS of dog lovers too!  We had the “boys” (K-9) with us this month.  Let’s just say, that with all the attention they received, they slept very well.


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