Music, 5K, Fireworks and Good Company

I apologize for the blurry images in this post.  This happened during import while I was moving it from my old blog to my new one.  The content is still good.

Last night we attended the 2nd part of the day’s Mayfaire event, Mayfaire Saturday Night/Festival of Arts & Athletes .  “It’s one of the largest and oldest outdoor festivals in Central Florida” and is held every Mother’s Day weekend at Lake Mirror in Lakeland, FL.  This part of the day is from 5pm-11pm.

They had live music, vendors, a 5K run which was enjoyed by young and old alike.  All on beautiful Lake Mirror.  It was topped off with a great display of fireworks, which, I forgot they were having.   Not good for us, specifically one of our dogs.   We had all four of our dogs with us and our German Shepherd is TERRIFIED of fireworks.  He hopped on my sister-in-law’s blanket and stayed by her until they were over.

Here are some pictures from the evening:

We found  a nice grassy area under a tree to sit under.  My brother spread out a blanket.  We enjoyed fruit, cheese & crackers, salsa & dip, some played a board game, and we enjoyed conversations with people who stopped by to pet the dogs.  We also were sitting close by one very important thing – and if you Keep Up with me, you’ll know what I’m referring to – a port-a-potty!

I started to get “antsy” and wanted to take some pictures.  I don’t have a tripod yet that will support my camera and lens, so I was going all out hand-held in the dusk/night shots.  Crazy!  My settings were all off so that I could hold it as steady as possible on my knees as I sat on the ground.  ISO and shutter speed were to high, aperture was off.  All in all, I think they came out pretty decent and the shots of the fireworks had some pretty neat light streaks:


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