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I got a call from my mom the other day, telling me about a big swan’s nest that’s by Lake Morton in Lakeland, FL.  She was telling me that I should go there and take a picture of it.

Now, yes, I’m a photographer.  But I like to take pictures of things that inspires me.  Not of something that inspires someone else.  Trust me.  I’ve got a whole lot of interests!  Just go with me when I’m on a trip or when I’m out at some event.  I rarely put my camera down.  If I do, I usually pick it right back up.  But I still hear from family members, “Oh, check that out!  Take a picture of it.”  Sigh.  My response, “You have a camera – you take a picture of it if it interests you.”

Don’t think I’m harsh.  I do play along and take some shots I’m requested to.  But after a while…that’s the response they get.  I played along this time too.  Heck, I couldn’t pass up a chance to see a swan sitting on her eggs in her nest!  Also, I usually can’t say no to taking pictures of the beautiful nature we have around us.

What amazes me is  how much faith this swan has with the human race.  She built her nest right next to the road!!

Lk Morton19

I swear this female Blue-winged Teal  was guarding the swan and her nest.  She never left the area.  If I’m incorrect on the species of bird, please comment below this post – If I’m right, I’d like to know that too 🙂

Isn’t she beautiful?  What a good mommy!

Lk Morton2


You should never interfere with nature – especially when it’s a mother sitting on her eggs, or when a mother is with her babies.  I took a few pictures from a distance and then left her alone.  On the way back to my car, I took a few more pictures.

I thought this was a funny one! This swan looks like it’s at a fast food counter placing an order!

Lk Morton6

I had to take a second glance with this one!  It looked like this goose was giving birth standing up!  I know.  I know.  But that’s what it looked like:

Lk Morton11

Lk Morton18

Now mommy looks like she’s saying, “Oh, when will this kid shut up?”  (It actually didn’t make any sound):

Lk Morton10

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