A Circus Atmosphere

My husband and I were in Orlando today, so we stopped at our usual place for lunch while in town.  This is the only place that we have found that can make an Italian Beef sandwich, among other things, like they do in Chicago.  Why?  Because the owner’s are from Chicago and they get their food shipped from there.  Yum!  I’m talking about Italian Beefstro.  You may remember me writing about it a couple of months ago.

ANYWAY, after lunch, we headed downtown.  I wanted to check out that area since I’d never been there before.  The first place I wanted to stop was the courthouse where they were having the Casey Anthony murder trial.  I didn’t choose that to gawk – it’s a very sad case.  I actually wanted to go to take pictures of the media and the circus around it.  I was told by someone we know that I could get shots from the top floor of the parking garage and from the 8th floor inside the courthouse.

We first drove up to the top of the parking garage to get a birds eye view:


Ever hear of someone named Nancy Grace?  Well, I hadn’t.  And people seemed to be surprised about that.  See the largest, white tent below?  The double-decker, air conditioned one?  That’s hers:


Here’s a shot of people actually waiting in line, to try to get a ticket, to view the trial live.  I’m glad there wasn’t violence like they had the other day when a lady punched a guy:



My husband and I were about to go into the building.  I was wondering if they’d allow me to bring my camera in.  Amazingly, camera’s were not on the list of things that couldn’t be brought inside.  We stood in line to go through the metal detectors.  They actually had hard plastic dog bowls as containers to hold your loose items!

My husband got into the left line, and I got into the right.  We knew that he would take a bit of time to get through since he had a metal knee brace on, and he had steel toed boots.  I should be done first right?  Nope.  He went through, and I had to wait while they were checking out something on the x-ray viewer that belonged to the person in front of me.  While they were waving him down with the wand, I yelled out – “Hey!  I want to bring my bowl to the other line!”  The guard in the other line smiled.

After I got scanned, I waited for our dog bowl to come through the conveyor.  I had perched my camera on top of our pocket possessions, and wanted to make sure it was ok.  As our stuff was coming out, I overheard the guard tell the other guard, “Be careful with this.”  And I’m like, “Yes, please be careful with it.” – with a smile of course 🙂

At the information desk, I ask about the 8th floor.  I “assume” that there is some sort of atrium inside that spans the whole height of the building.  I thought I could get a great shot of the press there – again, assuming they’d all be in this area.  The information people said that the trial is on the 23rd floor – that they don’t know anything about the 8th floor.  So we head to the 8th floor anyway to check it out for ourselves.  Nada.  Then, just to see if we’d be able to go that far with a major trial in session, we took the elevator to the 23rd floor.  It was kind of weird.  I’m not sure if it was the back hallway or what, but we saw just a small hall and a security table with a guard outside the courtroom door.  No one else.  I asked him if he knew the place that I was looking for.  He said, no, that all he knew was that if we went to the 8th floor, there’s a window that overlooks the press area outside.  What I had envisioned, didn’t exist.  I had given it the old Girl Scout try.

A shot of the outside of the courthouse:


As we walked around downtown, it started POURING!  This is a shot that I got of water rushing out of a drain.  I think the slow shutter speed would have been better suited for a waterfall.



That’s it.  The rain wouldn’t let up and my husband’s shirt was SOAKED.  I’m not sure why.  We were sharing the same umbrella and I was dry as a bone. lol

If you like one of the above drain pictures better than the other, please let me know by commenting below!  I’m curious which way people are leaning!


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