Fun Time at Bark in the Park!

I apologize for the blurry images.  This happened while importing this post from another blog site.  The content is still good.


Last night was the annual Bark in the Park Lakeland SPCA fundraiser event.  It was held at Joker Marchant Stadium (Tiger Town), home of the Lakeland Flying Tigers and the Detroit Tigers Spring training camp. We had plans to attend, but with the clouds darkening up, and a light drizzle starting, I wasn’t so sure that we should go.  Watching our local radar showed that it wasn’t too bad in our area, so we headed out.  We were supposed to take “the boys” (our German Shepherd and Great Dane), but our shepherd’s not too keen on storms, so we only took the big boy with us.

When we arrived,  we saw lots of loving “parents” with their four-legged family members.  I just can’t tell you how that makes me smile!  I just wish there were more dog-friendly events/places out there where we could bring our dogs.  After all, they are part of the family too!  If you happen to know of a dog-friendly place in our area, please mention it by adding a comment below!

Not only did the SPCA have a couple tables set up, but there were a few other businesses too.  The SPCA volunteers were passing out doggie treats to the dogs that attended and they also had water bowls set out in many locations.  Some of the dogs that attended were actually one’s that had been adopted from the SPCA!  That’s awesome!

Here are some pictures of some of the attendees and their families:

“Grrrrrr….”  🙂  Daddy knows what I’m talkin’ about – lol

I remember for sure that this lucky doggie was adopted from the SPCA:

The mommies and daddies of the dogs in the next two pictures only wanted their well loved dogs to shine.  To get the attention of both of the shepherds, their parents told me to say “ball”.  It sure worked! We used to have a shepherd like that too!

An SPCA volunteer with two people from Magnify:

More fantastic SPCA volunteers:

This picture is a hoot!  Notice the hand commands coming in the picture from both sides!  These two sweethearts didn’t want to sit still for long.  They wanted to go have some fun.  They were both adopted from the SPCA.  One of their neighbors and her dog is also in the picture

This little pup stayed through the whole game, but I caught it dozing in mommy’s lap!

This sweetie was almost literally in my lap for me to get this shot!

Go Cubs!

This is my crew at the game:

Me and the big guy during the rain delay (my son took this picture):

My husband took the next two shots:

Prince absolutely LOVED going up and down the stairs (he never gets to do that)!

Some pictures from the game:

My son and his friends:

The National Anthem:

What a great night!  Can’t wait to attend next year – we’ll bring all of our four-legged family members.  That should be chaos!

Remember, there are always new dogs and cats available for adoption at the SPCA, all ready to go to their forever homes. Please keep them in mind when you’re looking for a new “family member”.

My wish list – a longer f2.8 lens and a tripod that will support my larger camera.  My birthday is coming up!  lol


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