Crave Chocolate?

Last week, my husband, mom and I checked out a new candy store that’s in our area.  Got Candy has been open for six weeks now.  Lea Williams is the owner.  She’s got some great plans for the place!


Lea was excited when she was telling us about some themed, on-going events, that are in the works:  Ladies Night Out, Play Date, Date Night, and Birthday Parties.

  • Ladies Night Out will cost $20/person.  There will be a chocolate fountain with dippable items.
  • Play Date will be for 2-3 year olds.  They will be able to dip items.  It will be $5/a child.
  • Date Night/Couples Night involves chocolate and carmel fondue.  The cost is yet to be decided.
  • Birthday Parties will be $10/child no matter how little or how many there are.  They’ll get a pizza with four toppings and three dippables.

What made me happy?  She’s got milk as one of the drinks you can purchase.  I’ve got to have milk when I’m eating anything sweet!  There are some tables and chairs set up inside and outside for your comfort, if you’re so inclined to relax a spell, while you enjoy your treats.



There are also items for sale.  If you’re looking for a gift, this is a great place to go. You can personalize your gift in almost anyway that you can imagine. Lea can get her hands on many types of molds.  While we were there, a man came in to buy his wife an anniversary present.  Chocolate would be good for party favors too!
Check out this blackboard wall for kids and/or adults to show off their artistic ability:



Stop by and say hi!  Got Candy is located on the North side at 2973 Duff Rd., Lakeland, FL.  Tele:  863-853-9999.


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