Total Mayhem!

This morning (this very early morning), I had the privilege of sitting in on a local talk radio shows broadcast.  I had met Seth and Dale, of Talk 1430’s Mayhem in the A.M. at the Pig Fest in January of this year.  We shared a picnic table before they had to start MC’ing the event.  I was there to take pictures of the band The Jealous Guys.  We got to talking, and Dale asked if I could take some pictures of them on stage since their photographer was unable to make it that day.  At that time, Dale had invited me to be on the show sometime to talk about my blog.  Ever since then, from time to time, I’d see them around at different events in the community.  Each time, Dale extended the same invitation.  I finally took them up on it.

Normally, I’m up at 6am and out the door by 8:00am.  Today, I was up at 5am, out the door at 5:30am, stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts, and arrived at the radio station by 5:50am.  What an accomplishment!

Three hours went by fast!  Seth, Dale, and Hollywood, make you feel like you’re one of the gang.  I got a pair of headphones and my own mic to chip in when I wanted (Although I wish I would have realized that when we were talking about Robert Downey, Jr. – whistle, whistle – at his role in Iron Man!  I’m talking his role, not the person himself.  I don’t know him personally.).  Hollywood’s Mom (who was in town for the holiday weekend), her best friend (who had the day off like me because of the holiday), Seth’s neighbor, and the car guy were also part of the show.

Here are a few shots from this mornings broadcast:


Dale Seller’s on-air



Seth Mela prepping for the show.



Holly “Hollywood”, the shows Producer








Yours truly getting some face time.


Dale Earl Horton, “Car Enthusiast at Large”


Relaxing during a commercial break.


Holly and her mom, Candy.

What a great group of people!  I had a wonderful time.  Thank you for letting me be part of the show!  I think I’ll go lay down now…..  zzzzzz…..

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