Driving through Virginia…

Boy, did I fall off the grid there for a while, or what?  A bunch of stuff going on in my personal life that is finally smoothing out where I can think straight.

My husband and I were basically on a cross country journey, and our first stop was landing in Roanoke, VA.  His Kenworth truck was taking longer on repairs than expected, so we needed to stay the night.  Before we checked into a motel, we drove around for a bit and had lunch.  We stopped at the Greenwood Family Restaurant located in Troutville – not too far from Roanoke.  Y-U-M !!  They had awesome food at awesome prices.  Great service!  We even had some milk shakes after our meal!  It’s a very cozy place with lots of room for customers:






On our way back to Roanoke, and since we were using the Kenworth salesman’s personal vehicle, we stopped just long enough so I could take these shots:


We checked in to the Quality Inn Roanoke Airport.  What a great choice!  The room was very clean and comfortable and had been renovated.  The campus was very well kept.  They have a really nice continental breakfast with many things to choose from and a great view:





A view from the front of the motel looking out at the airport tower:

The night we actually flew in (we ended up staying two nights) we had checked in to a hotel at the bottom of the hill from the Quality Inn.  Let’s just say that it wasn’t quality, and the service wasn’t so great, so we switched locations.

That evening we walked down the hill to a cute Spanish restaurant called El Toreo.  It’s located at 6617 Thirlane Rd., Roanoke, VA.  Tel# 540-265-9116.  So bummed I didn’t think of bringing my camera to get pictures of how festively decorated it was!  I did take a couple pictures of our food with our phones (which – everyone should know – phones don’t take great pictures).  These pictures DO NOT do their food justice.  It was very tasty:

My husband’s steak fajitas (literally a steak):


It really did have fantastic food.  Don’t let my pictures turn you off! 🙂

Even though it was early October and it was cold (to me – in the 50’s) and dreary out, I found that it was a state that I would love to return to when we have more time.


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