New Year…Many Changes

Well, I have REALLY been neglecting this!  It’s a looooong story that is not photography related.  The bottom line is, that our family is going to make a very large move in the near future.

We’ll be leaving sunny Florida for the arctic North.  We’ll be leaving my mother, brother, sister and their families (My brother and his wife are even expecting triplets – I will have to make sure I fly back to take their pictures!) behind.

I will be leaving a job that I love and that I have been working at for 14+ years.  I will miss the people there dearly.  They are like family.  I know many, many people out of the 4,000+ employees.  They’re a great bunch.  They know my quirks and still love me! lol   Some keep telling me that I’m not allowed to move.  Who will help them?  Some say that I am a ray of sunshine and the organization will have a real loss when I’m gone – seriously, some have said that to me.

Thank God for facebook!  I’ll be able to stay in touch with many of them.  I know that there are other forms of communication – the good old fashioned letter or phone call, email, skype…facebook is just so much easier to get a message across to a large group.

The unknown is what is driving this family nuts at the moment.  We’re not exactly sure which location we’re moving to or when.  We announced it to our family, friends, and co-workers at the beginning of December.  We thought we’d be leaving around this time.  We get asked on a daily basis, “So do you know where you’re moving?”  or “Do you know where you’re moving to?”  The boys and I are starting to feel a little stupid – I don’t know how else to describe it.  It’s hard to explain to people why we don’t know yet.  That’s another long story in itself.  Hopefully this coming week will at least give us the answer to the question, “Where?”.  Once we have figured out the area, we’ll need to start trying to find a place to live for our family – a place to call home (read the oil boom link below to get a better picture of the uphill battle that we will face.).

Why are we moving if I will miss so many?  My husband moved to FL 20 years ago for me, so now it’s my turn to be supportive.  His new job will be in the big oil boom located in the Bakken Formation , driving an oil tanker.

The plus side to this move is that our oldest son is even going to make the move with us.  That makes it all better!  Both boys are all for it – even our 16 year old who is still in high school.  Also, going to a new area, that I have never been to before, will lead to great new photo opportunities!

I will keep you all updated more frequently – even while we’re on the road – which should be a big hoot driving cross country with six dogs!


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