Today I had taken the day off of work.  My husband and I went out to breakfast, took care of a little business, bought me some winter boots for when we move up North (no – we still don’t have a location/date yet), and then hit the salvage yards looking for auto parts.
Let’s just say that I’ve been a little out of sorts for about six months now, and I have really let my passion for photography take a backseat.  I’m not even sure I can say that.  At one point, I didn’t even have an interest in it – I was emotionally down and drained – more than I have ever been in my life.
Now, I think that I’ve only been to one junk yard in my whole life (Sorry – I’m sure that’s not the politically correct terminlogy these days, but I stick with the lingo from my youth.). That first time, it didn’t excite me. It was years ago, I was young, and nothing there interested me. I did not want to be there.  Today, when my husband mentioned that we were going to go home and put on some old clothes and head out to the junk yard, I actually got excited!  I automatically thought – PICTURES!  BLOG!  YIPPEE!  We headed for Lakeland Auto Salvage .
We arrived and were greeted by a man and a woman who were behind the counter.  They were very nice and friendly.  We paid $1/each to enter, and headed out back.  As my husband scrounged around, I went off on my own, and started to capture things that I saw:

images-auto salvage yard-greeley-colorado-black and white-creative-8618
images-auto salvage yard-greeley-colorado-black and white-creative-8615

images-auto salvage yard-greeley-colorado-black and white-creative-

images-auto salvage yard-greeley-colorado-black and white-creative--2
The stuff below was actually in a car or truck.  I honestly can’t remember if the top was off of a car or if this was in the bed of a truck.  It’s broken glass, etc:

My husband will be the first to tell you that I’m a little off my rocker! For example, when we car/truck/RV shop, and when I choose one over another, I actually feel bad for the item not picked.  I feel bad for inanimate objects!  As I looked around today, it made me a little sad.  I started thinking of all of those vehicles sitting there, with no one ever to love them again.  Come on – you know – many people fall in love with their vehicles!

Being nuts aside, I had a wonderful time!  It felt soooo good to get out there again and shoot!  I honestly could have stayed there for hours, but after I got these shots, we had to move on down the road.



  1. Auto junk yards are one of the most fun deserted places to go. Its filled with treasures, trash, and who knows, maybe even something worth while that could be gracing the presence of your Lincoln one day. What I find so refreshing about them is the experience of going where everything once was, everyone's. Its invigorating.-David Enabulele

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