Veronica’s BABIES Shower | Greeley/Northern Colorado Event Photographer

Yesterday was Veronica’s baby shower.  She’s expecting triplets!  It was held at her old employer’s home (Old as in previous, not ancient! lol).  What a gorgeous home and a wonderful hostess.

When I arrived I was all excited to start taking pictures!  After I took a couple, I’m not sure what happened next, but my 580EXii flash was lying on the floor broken.  Boy did I feel sick!  I couldn’t even remember if my camera went down with it, and if it did, the flash had taken the brunt of the impact.  I very calmly went into the hostesses office and did a little inspection.  It still worked.  The only thing that appeared damaged was the red, plastic, protective cover that goes over the sensor area on the front.  PHEW!  I went back out and started taking pictures again.

The cake was made by Cakes by Marie in Tampa, FL.  you can reach Marie by calling 1-813-445-1835.  And just an FYI ahead of time – it was delish.  Very moist.  Very good.  Beautifully decorated!  This is the same person that had made their wedding cake.

To the left of the cake are little baggies of cute, homemade sugar cookies.  They’re in the shapes of little hands and feet:

This absolutely precious cake topper was created by Forever Life Pieces of Tampa, FL.  You can reach them at 1-813-445-1835 or you can check out their facebook page.  Isn’t the stork just beautiful??!

Here are little “diapers” made out of napkins, pinned with a diaper pin, and filled with mints:

events-baby shower-images-greeley-colorado-9076

And then, I finally start to relax again (after the flash incident), and I am able to take a deep breath and smile at the handsome, 10 month old little boy who lives there.  BIG SMILE!  And what do I do?  Stick a camera in his sweet little face, of course!

images-portraits-little ones-kids-children-black and white-portraits-photography-photographer-greeley-colorado-
images-portraits-little ones-kids-children-black and white-portraits-photography-photographer-greeley-colorado-9142

images-portraits-little ones-kids-children-black and white-portraits-photography-photographer-greeley-colorado--2
OMG what a cutie!  I could have photographed him ALL DAY LONG.  He was so easy going!  Look at that face!!

Now it’s nap time (for him – not me) and time to get the party started.  First thing first.  Food!  Yum, Yum, Yum (sick of the exclamation marks?)!  But it was all so, so good.  Then it was time to open the gifts.

Of course she received many beautiful gifts.  Doesn’t she look great for being 7 months pregnant with triplets??  Now it’s cake time and my eyes wander to these beautiful colors.  I took a few fun pictures that I like to do:

images-events-baby shower-photography-photographer-greeley-colorado-food-9248

images-events-baby shower-photography-photographer-greeley-colorado-food-9252

images-events-baby shower-photography-photographer-greeley-colorado-food-9260

What a beautiful day it turned out to be!  I had a great time.  Met a bunch of great people.  Had some wonderful food.  And in the end, Canon says that I can get a replacement piece for my flash.  They can even ship it to me and I can just pop it in.  Yea!

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