I’ll miss this…

Before I tell you what I’m going to miss, I have to say, cell phone pictures suck.  Just my opinion, but for the most part, they do.  As a FYI,  I have a Droid x 2.  Yes, I’ve had some nice photos out of it, but for the most part they have a lot of noise (grain) and they are so s-l-o-w!  *breathe*  Thank you for letting me vent!  When you read below, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

I was on my way home from the grocery store this morning, and as I pulled into our subdivision, I saw a couple of beautiful sandhill crane’s on the grass and I wanted to take their picture.  Who knows when I’d see them again since we’re moving to Colorado (in five days!).  So I turn on my camera on my phone (or tried too), and it froze.  I made several different attempts and my phone ended up with loss of power and resetting itself.  I so hate that!  Well, it helped because the camera was able to start-up after that, but by then, the birds had moved down the road where before, they had kind of a pretty background.

You may ask, “You’re a photographer.  Why don’t you carry your camera with you?”  Because I’m a freak!  Living in FL (for the next few days), I don’t want my gear to get too hot in the truck.  When we get to CO,  I won’t want it to get to cold!  lol

The sandhill cranes were unbelievable.  They literally just strolled down the street which is the entrance to our subdivision.  THEN, they actually STOOD at the intersection of the main road, and they WAITED for traffic.  I swear they did!  Then one of them started it’s walk across the road, a car passed by while it was in the center of the road, and then when the car passed the other bird crossed.  They met up in the middle and finished their casual walk.  Me?  If I was a bird I would have been RUNNING across that road! 🙂

Now, seeing gorgeous birds isn’t an uncommon sight here in Florida.  It’s just something that I’m going to miss when we move.  I could easily do without the summer heat, but all-in-all, I will miss it.    I love the outdoors.  I love camping, taking nature walks, and see what images I can capture.

I do know that Colorado will definitely  fill that need for me.  I was actually there once around 1985 to visit one of my best friends who had moved to the Denver area.  I was only there for a few days – but the views!  Absolutely gorgeous!

It’s going to be different.   A good different.  But like night and day.


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