My Trip to Mexico City


Since I’m new to WordPress (formally a Blogspot blogger), and tied up at the moment with our move out of state, I figured I’d give you a taste of what I can REALLY do.

In March of 2011, I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Mexico City to photograph my brothers wedding.  This was their 2nd wedding.  Their first was held in the states in 2009.  They had this 2nd wedding so that my sister-in-laws family members could witness their union.  I am by no means a world traveler (although I would love to be).  I’ve been to the Bahamas before on a cruise (2003), and to the UK (2005).  I got to see, and learned, so much on this trip!

I am extremely proud of these posts.  We were there for 6 days, and I’ve got 7 posts to cover our trip.  I have gotten so much positive feedback and so many compliments.  My posts incorporate images of the beautiful country of Mexico, humorous stories about the trip, links to places that we visited, etc.

Please start with Day 1, as it is in chronological order and tells a story.  Enjoy and share with a friend! 🙂

Start here:


4 thoughts on “My Trip to Mexico City

  1. Thank you so much Scott! I had a blast and wish we could have stayed longer. Who can resist taking pics of animals? 🙂 I’ve got a pic of a “don’t poop” sign from London, but that was prior to me being a professional (better) photographer – they’re just snapshots. I look forward to checking out your old posts when I get settled!

  2. Carol,
    Really enjoyed your pics and your account of your Mexico City trip! We haven’t been there (yet) but we love the places in Mexico we have been. I also appreciate your dog photos throughout – I always end up taking dog pics anywhere I go. I also have a world class collection of “don’t let your dog poop here” signs from all around the world! The only thing wrong with your series was that all the food pictures made me hungry! Enjoy your move!

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