The umbilical cord from me to my computer has been temporarily separated because of the move.  Thank God for the WordPress app!

Without the help of my sons and their friends, there is no way I could have gotten the truck packed in time for our departure tomorrow.  We have also had to endure more than the usual summer afternoon rains that we’re used to in FL.




As they were loading the truck, I had to leave to take my 16 year old son to a going away party that his friends were giving him.  That’s a whole other story that breaks my heart. He is so devastated to be moving.   He just finished his sophomore year and is leaving behind good friends and a sweet girlfriend.  I know.  He’s a kid and will make new friends and get another girlfriend.  But the romantic in me knows that some people are childhood sweethearts and can end up together forever.  You never know…

Anyway, it worked out that I had to take him to the party.  I was able to return our internet modem and was able to go to the vacuum repair place AGAIN – 2nd time in a week!  My sons husky pup chewed the cord in half AGAIN.  We had just gotten it back!  I was thinking of getting the cord replaced in CO, but then I wondered if the guy I go to in FL was still open  for the day.  Since I’d be right near there,  I could run by while I was out.  I was in luck and it will be teady tomorrow morning before we pull out!


Look at that! I didn’t think I’d write alot because I was using my phone!



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