Not much to report today.  I picked up my 16 yr old son from his party – it was heartbreaking to watch him saying goodbye to his friends – picked up my vacuum with its NEW cord, and got a late start heading out. At least it stopped raining.   Goodbye Florida.  Colorado here we come.


This was a pretty unusual sight. One one of the trucks was ours (with the Lincoln):


We are now in Georgia (9:40p) and we will probably stop at a hotel tomorrow afternoon for the night.

Want to know what’s really cool about being on the road with four dogs?  Having to stop frequently to let them stretch their legs.  Now I don’t have to be the reason we always have to stop because of my weak bladder!


7 thoughts on “ON THE ROAD – DAY 1

  1. Oh my goodness I guess I need to travel with 4 dogs all the time because I am always the reason we have to make a stop!!!!

    • Thank you so much for checking this out Susan! Make sure you look at older posts too because I put a few other things and keep up with the future ones! It’s definitely strange not being there. I actually felt guilty the first payroll I missed lol! I love being able to keep in touch with you!

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