Heads up – all of the shots in the series, are and will be, snap shots from my phone.  I don’t have the lap top or time to transfer images from a memory card.

Not much sleep going on.  A few catnaps here and there.  Luckily there are five of us to take turns driving – my husband and I, our two sons, and our older sons girlfriend.

Being originally transplants from the Chicago suburbs, we were fortunate enough to have White Castles around where we had lived.  Since moving to FL, we were only able to get our fill of sliders when we were on road trips/family vacations.  On this move out to CO, I only found locations along our route in TN.  Well, seeing as we were driving by them in the early morning, there was no way we’d stick around until lunch to eat them!  So we had them for breakfast –


I hope I don’t regret it later!

The family taking a break at a Southern IL rest stop:




Everyone enjoyed the break! On another stop we made, I just had to grab a phone to take a picture of something I thought was pretty cool…



Is it, or is it not cool?! I have never seen an all in one soap, water, and hand dryer before. ALL IN ONE! Neat! LOL


We are now in MO and tomorrow we will be on the last leg of our trip to our new home. Goodnight!


10 thoughts on “ON THE ROAD – DAY 2

  1. OMG!! GR8 pics, he looks like he is having a blast…ya all do…why did I think moving is no fun??? Are you keeping Max then??

  2. Lookin like lotsa fun!!! Great pics! Roads trips, for whatever reason, always leave you with the best memories!

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