Last night we were able to stop at a (what I thought was) dive motel.  The bed was soooo comfy and the shower this morning was awesome!  I suppose being on the road for about 16 hours and not having a shower could have had a lot to do with it, but it was nice! Today is a better day!

We got Mcy D’s (?) for breakfast and were on the road by 6:30am.  The first interesting part of the day was just before we jumped on the road.  We stopped at a gas station where my husband was having an outright argument with a gas pump that was telling him he needed to lift an imaginary handle before pumping!  He then swore at it, and said forget it, we’ll get gas somewhere else!  Come to find out, our younger son told us that his brother was about to pull away from that station and he still had the gas pump connected to the Tahoe!  I am so happy that our younger son caught that!

Then comes my first cool location of the day.  We ended up at another gas station which I really liked. It’s called EZ Go. It’s one of those new fangled alternative fuel stations and the first one that I’ve ever been to or have ever seen.  I told the manager and the girl behind the counter that it was the finest gas station establishment that I have ever seen!


OH! AND the sign for the womens bathroom is H-U-G-E! No having to look around for it.

If you haven’t figured out yet, I will take a picture wherever and of whatever I think there is something neat.  Check it out.  You have three options of what you can dry your hands with –


It floats my boat!  🙂

They also carry “diet ice” which is humor from the founder. The ice is just smaller. I like a good sense of humor!


As we get ready to get back on the road, the boys walk by each other high fiving as my older so says, “good call” referring to the gas nozzle!

Now it’s the girls turn to drive. Shelbie drives the yahoo (Tahoe) and I drive the truck.


We don’t last long (lol). Both Shqelbie and my eyelids felt like lead. Normally I can drive at least about two or three hours at a time. Today I was drowsy right off the bat. And what do I do instead of nap? Work on my blog. It’s takes quite a bit longer on a cell phone!

At this Pilot truck stop, this picture is one of those “things that make you go, hmm” moments:


Yes, curious minds want to know WHY the counter is not attached to the wall. I would have asked the staff, but I’m sure they didn’t know.

We are home now. It is now 10pm and I am sitting on a cooler eating dinner. It is WAY past my bedtime. If we were still in FL, it would be midnight. I can’t wait to get more organized tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “ON THE ROAD – DAY 3 – HOME SWEET HOME

  1. Reblogged this on Keeping Up With Carol and commented:

    Happy Anniversary to our family! One year ago today we finally got to Colorado. We moved cross-country from Florida with four large dogs. Tomorrow I will post a re-cap that I had worked on throughout the year, and I will update it with my current thoughts.

  2. I liked the animal photography. I try to imagine what it is like to see such animals as how Ice Age man would have seen them, and photographs like these help.

  3. What a trip! Where is the picture of your new home So glad you arrived with both your family and humor intact..as in the gas pump incident! Good luck and have fun organizing….looking forward to more pics from Colorado..Mrs F

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