The Devil Kicked My Butt!

Devil’s Backbone in Loveland, CO that is…

My niece has lived in Colorado for a little over a year now, so when we moved here a week ago, I had asked her where some pretty spots were.  She told me about this place, and we made plans for her to take us there before my son and girlfriend had to go back to FL.

From where we live, we can see the beautiful Rocky Mountains, but it’s a little over an hour away.  Devil’s Backbone is only the next town over, and is only half an hour away.  It is so cool to have such beauty close at hand!  But like I said in my post title – it kicked my butt!

We did arrive with a bottle of water each – not nearly enough.  Even though we had waited until the evening, and it wasn’t such a hot day weather-wise, it was still a tough climb for me.  I’m still getting used to the altitude.  I was lugging my camera and lens (5 lbs together) and my carbon fiber tripod (ha ha – still heavy!) AND my backpack.  AND I’ve got asthma.

And the Keyhole:

About half way to our destination, my nieces boyfriend offered to carry my backpack and about half way back to the truck, one of my sons offered to carry my camera/tripod.  My heroes!

Our destination that evening was to hike to the keyhole which is about one mile from the trailhead. Mission accomplished!

The “open space” as they call it, has restrooms and water at the trailhead. You can hike, bike, horseback ride, jog, and bring your leashed dogs. I’m assuming “open space” means something like open to the public, free to roam. I’d never heard that terminology before.

I can’t wait until I can get back there to do a little more hiking/exploring/photographing! We’re heading out soon to our next exciting adventure which will take us to a very historic local!


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