I would say it’s historic!

Before my son had to fly back to FL, we wanted to do a quick overnight trip that would be sort of like a mini vacation.  We chose to head to the other side of the Rockies.  Originally when my husband was looking for a job in this state (CO), he had applied for positions all over the state and the Rifle area was one of them.  He received several job offers, but accepted this one because they have awesome benefits.  Even though he already has a job, he was still curious to see what it looked like out that way.

I did a little research – ruling out B&B’s, cabins, etc. – because we wanted more of a hotel atmosphere for this trip.  I booked us at the Hotel Colorado.  It looked/sounded like a wonderful, old hotel with lots of history.

After about a three hour drive, we arrived.  I ran in to register us.  The doors were wide open and the ceiling fans were going.  I thought to myself, “Hmmm, this is a nice old touch to the lobby area.  It makes it kind of feel like you’re in the olden days before air.”  When we got to the fourth floor where our room was located, I noticed this door:

I thought, “It is much nicer here in Colorado vs. Florida, but that’s a little strange to have your room open up to the hall like that when there is air in the building.  You’d think that they would keep that closed.”  You probably see where I’m getting with this, but I didn’t see until we got to our room.  There’s no air conditioning in the hotel!  Yes, they have ceiling fans.  Yes, they have a box fan in the closet for guest use.  Yes, the windows do open.  Also, the mornings and nights are beautiful outside.  But I was really glad that we chose early summer for our stay with them.  That was taking history a bit far!  When registering, I was told that when customers make their reservation, the clerk is supposed to “warn” you about that.  I wasn’t, but in the end, it turned out to be a non-issue.

The hotel is really neat.  As I said, lots of history.  Teddy Roosevelt and The Unsinkable Molly Brown had stayed there.  Doc Holliday died before the hotel was built, but he was a frequent visitor to the area and is actually buried underneath the hotel.  There was a cemetery where the hotel now stands, and they relocated all the graves but his.  The link will direct you to their site where you can learn more about their history.

Here are a few shots from our room:

This was the view from our window:

A hallway shot:

I love stairs!

Check out these old, original stairs!  They’re used for an emergency exit now:

We took the elevator to PH (Pent House) to see what that was all about:

Here is a panoramic shot of the garden area at night:

And the last pictures are a few shots from the 1st Floor area.  Check out the old vault behind the counter:

We had lots more fun on this trip and will have other posts showing the places we went!


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