Peaceful Scene

The morning that we were in Glenwood Springs, CO, while the kids were getting ready for the day, my husband and I went to check out a local cemetery.  The Pioneer Cemetery isn’t far from downtown.  When you get there, you park on the street and hike up a trail to get to the cemetery.  Round and round it goes.  Where it stops – nobody knows! (The song Round and Round from Ratt is going through my head!) – at least that’s how I felt without having one single drop of water or any liquids in me that morning.  I kept whining to my husband that we needed to start doing this sort of thing with water.  He was telling me what he’d do to me if I said the word ‘water’ one more time!

But it’s worth the walk!  Just make sure you have walking shoes and a bottle of water with you.  They also have a drinking fountain at the start of the trail.  There are also benches along the way to rest.  You’ll see beautiful scenery in a peaceful setting.

On the way up:

“Patiently” waiting for me:

The dappled sunlight was horrid for photography, but we arrived!

Potter’s Field

Ever hear of Kid Curry?  He’s buried in Potter’s Field.  When trying to research information on him, I found that the best source – and the source that lists him as being buried in this cemetery, was Wikipedia.

Keeping in mind that I liked the Wikipedia info better on Kid Curry, I went straight to it for info on Doc Holliday.  A memorial for Holliday is at this cemetery, but since his body isn’t buried there, I didn’t bother photographing it.  As I’d mentioned in an earlier post, the clerk at the Hotel Colorado had told me the story about his remains.  Paraphrasing, she told me that not too long ago, an old woman was receiving last rights, and she told the priest that she had a secret and couldn’t die being the last person to know.  She told him that Doc Holliday’s body was actually buried under the Hotel Colorado, and not in Pioneer Cemetery.  The hotel was to be built where a cemetery stood.  They relocated all the graves but one – Doc Holliday’s.  They left his there.

Pretty interesting!  For someone who grew up hating history, I sure have learned to love it!


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