Mountain Top Amusement

Our trip to historic Glenwood Springs, CO  ended with a trip to the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  I had gone to their website prior to our trip, and it looked like it would be tons of fun.  I thought it would be a possibility that we’d end up there for a quick tour of the caverns and maybe a ride, but we ended up spending the day there.

If you know me – I’m a tad bit of a freak.  ‘Carol’ does not do heights, rides, small spaces…anything with motion!  One time we were in Chicago, IL, we went to the Sears Tower (yes – to me it will always be the Sears Tower and not the new name they gave it), and they cleared the elevator for me so that it was just my family and I on the trip up and back down.

This day, I broke some of my own rules.  The photographer in me wins over the phobias that I have – most times.  This is a view of the mountain that the theme park sits atop.  You have to take a tram to get to it.  The employees even take the tram:

When we got to the top, the first order of business was finding the bathrooms – again, if you know me – I like to have plenty around!  We found the restrooms in the main building.  Also in this building are a restaurant, gift shop and laser tag.

After business was taken care of , we went outside and I see fun mirrors!  I couldn’t resist!

After my fun, I turn around to view the park:

Before it starts, we meet our guide, and she tells us a little bit about the caverns.  She’s a nice, informative, spunky girl with a sense of humor!  Meet Hunter:

(Hunter, this is the better of the two pictures.  The other one had your mouth wide open talking! lol)

To get into the caverns, we had to enter this little door way.  Having been to several caverns already in my lifetime, this was the smallest entance that I’ve seen.  From what Hunter tells us, this wasn’t the original entrance.  The old one was much smaller!

A few shots from inside:

A couple of times throughout the tour, we end up venturing back outside for a couple of minutes and then back in again through another opening. This is what I shot during those times. This one is an aerial view of Glenwood Springs:

This one is the city of No Name:

…and one of the rides – the “Giant Canyon Swing”:

Back into the cavern we go (and forgive me if I get the images out of order)…

We headed into the “barn” in the cavern and Hunter starts pointing out farm animals. I pointed one out that no one had ever seen before! Can you see it?

It’s a cow! I was, and am, pretty proud of myself for spotting it! 🙂

Yep, this is a part of nature…

and so is this…

And this last picture from the caverns is looking at the stairs, leading the way up and out:

After that, everyone but me went on the rides (I don’t do rides!), and I photographed them. On the way to their first ride I captured these images:

I think those are the two No Name tunnels the link above is referring to.

This is just ‘funny right there!’…

All men at one time or another probably assume that happens to them!

This was taken by the roller coaster, “Alpine Coaster”.  What is really nice is they have many areas with shade and restrooms – albeit sometimes port-a-potties – throughout the park:

AND they have lockers in several locations!  If you have Hunter for a cavern tour and she asks you, “What can you get for .50?” – you can tell her this (I did!)…

Here a ride that they went on.  The “Soaring Eagle Zip Ride”:

Lunch time!  We head to The Lookout Grille where they had really good food.  Really!  My husband and I both had BBQ Pork sandwiches and they were much larger than we expected.  So was the portion of Chicken Fingers that my son got.   The view was great.

The kids did laser tag while the two old people (us) rested.  Then they went and saw a 4D movie…

…and after that we all went to the “Fort WhereAmi Maze”.  I didn’t last long after my husband ditched me, and the walls started closing in on me.  I couldn’t find my way out so I went out an emergency exit!

Here’s a map of the park:

Waiting for the tram:

An aerial view, on our way down, of the hotel where we stayed (the one on the right) and the bridge and neighborhood I photographed the night before:

I made it down alive!  I was actually standing in the tram to get a clear shot for some of the pictures, while my husband was the one freaking out it was swaying!

Everyone really had a nice, relaxing time.  We all needed that after the big move, etc.  The park has several different packages available for purchase, or you can buy rides individually.   Tomorrow will be my last post from this trip and it’ll just be a few pictures from our trip home.  🙂


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