The Road Back Home From Glenwood Springs

As promised, I’ll just post a few last pics from this trip.  Not too far out of Glenwood Springs, we stopped along the side of the road to swim (not me – I’m the picture taker).  Our younger son had wanted to swim in the Hot Springs, but we never got around to it.


Let’s just say that the water was freezing, and it didn’t last long!

We pulled off the main road near a rest area in Vail to hop onto a dirt/gravel road.  We wanted to explore a higher elevation of a mountain.  These were taken in/around the White River National Forest.  The East Shrine Pass/Shrine Ridge Trailhead area.  Absolutely stunning!

We didn’t drive too much further, and turned around.

On the way back down, we were able to see snow in the forest, and the boys wanted to stop again.  We pulled off near that building so that they could get out (that building is a bathroom – woo hoo!) :

These logs called to me 🙂

This was the temperature when the yahoos (boys) were playing in the snow – I was in my hooded sweatshirt and my husbands leather jacket!

We started to drive back down the mountain:

We stopped at the rest area at the bottom:

As I was walking over to this sign… take a picture of it so that I would remember where we had stopped, I saw two motorcycles and then their owners.  Nuts!  Remember the temperature?  They were on a road trip from IN to CA and were headed back.  They wanted to get 500 miles in that day.  I know that they’re back home by now, but hope that they had gotten to warmer weather not long after I’d seen them.

This is what a ski hill looks like without snow:

A snapshot through the windshield to show what beautiful mountains we were driving through…

And last but not least, small light trails from the inside of a tunnel:

Thanks for joining me on this trip!


6 thoughts on “The Road Back Home From Glenwood Springs

  1. Carol, This the nutcase you saw in Colorado with my son on the motorcyles. We did make it home safe, and finally had a chance to get the photo from your blog. I think that is the only pic of us together from our whole trip! Thank you !

    • YEA! I always give out my blog address for people to grab their pics, but I’ve never heard from anyone before. Glad you guys got home safe and had a great trip! Keep up with me on here by following me if you want! 🙂

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