To Protect and Serve

As we were walking up to the Greeley Stampede entrance, I noticed a row of motorcycles that belonged to Greeley’s Finest.  I can never (rarely) pass up a chance to photograph things that are lined up in a row!


Now, to preface the next paragraph, I am not about to kiss up.  My dad was a cop (police officer) for 20 years in a suburb of Chicago.  I truly love and feel comfortable associating with them.  I grew up with them.  I visited the station many, many times.  My first born had his first (and only I hope) mug shot with my dad when he was one month old.   Having a cop in your family almost makes the other officers in the department part of your family too.  As for feeling comfortable, haha – you can even ask the officers who belong to the motorcycles.  I just walked up to them and said, “Hi guys!”

Boy, I got a little off course there!  What I want to say is thank you – to each and every one of you officers – for the awesome job that you do protecting us.  I always try to thank police officers, firemen, and military personnel for the job that they do – every chance I get.

More from the Stampede later!

This is the end of the post.  This next part is a personal rant if you’ve got the time to read it:

It really bothers me when some people think that the police are the enemy.  Yes, they’re the people who are probably doing something wrong.  When I was in high school, I had this one girl always heckle me – “Pigs daughter”.  I hated that!  Why do I mention this out of the blue?  It brought it all back to me today when my husband and I were watching a rerun of the old TV show, Adam-12, and a bird was saying it!  That was on my mind when I was editing the motorcycle pictures.  Phew!  Thanks for ‘listening’! 🙂


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