Animal Magnatism and Endurance

This will be my last post from the Greeley Stampede 2012.  As part of the Stampede festivities, we had an awesome time exploring the Centennial Village Museum – but more on that tomorrow.

I’m sorry, but I’m more of a ‘suburb girl’ and I know I was at a country festival, but I didn’t expect to see this big guy walking down the center of the road (I’m referring to the one on the left!)!

I saw this handsome devil walking down the same road going the opposite way:

Here’s my long-horned bull again.  One of the employee’s from the ranch where he lives, told me that his horns were 4×8.  I said, “Inches?!” – cuz there’s no way it looks like that in feet.  The employee said, “feet”.  Amusingly, when we were at the Centennial Village yesterday inside of one of the historic houses, my son layed down on the floor under a pair of horns to compare.  And he’s six foot.  I’m sorry – I can’t see them being that big!

I always feel so bad for the animals that are displayed at festivals like this.  I had to ask his handlers about the quality of life that Mr. Bull has.  It turns out that he’s 20 years old, was trained for six years so that he’d be able to take spectators sitting on his back, and only attends three festivals a year.  Otherwise, I’m told, he gets to graze in a pasture.  That made me feel better!

Then we see the bears!  I started talking to the owners.  Again, I was asking about their living situation.  They actually show the bears for education purposes, not for side-show reasons.  The bears are both seven years old and ‘tour’ with the Welde Bear Show over the summer, and roam the ranch the rest of the year.  What is funny is that the bears and their owners live in FL.  That’s where I moved from only three weeks ago!  AND I’d camped in the same town that they’re located!  If you’re ever in Central FL and would like to visit the Bearadise Ranch, you can check out their website for more information.  I hope that when I go back to FL to visit my family, that I’ll be able to stop and check out the bears in their natural setting!  Unfortunately, I had a fence between them and my lens 🙂

Spectators could feed the bears:

Aren’t they stinkin’ cute!!!

After visiting the bears, we wondered on over to the sheep where they had a Sheep Stampede, which consisted of a sheep and a child rider – sort of like bull riding:

Ouch!  Brave souls!

As we were heading out of the park, we stopped at one last display.  It was from the Air National Guard.  They had quite the set-up which consisted of several challenges for participants.  Anyone could try.  My son, niece, and her boyfriend tried them out:

When they completed their challenges, they were given a few really neat items that they were handing out (i.e. metal water bottle, etc.).  We also signed a banner thanking our local Air National Guard members for what they do to protect us.

I look forward to attending the Stampede again next year!


9 thoughts on “Animal Magnatism and Endurance

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  2. Those kids on the sheep are adorable! When I was at the rodeo the other night, this poor kid’s sheep wouldn’t go, so they put him on another one, and then it decided to do a somersault on top of him! He took a minute to get his bearings, then swaggered back to the rest of the group. What a little champ. 🙂

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